I Enjoy the Architecture of Modern Singapore

I find it interesting how cultures differ from what I am used to. I am not a world traveler. I am not sure I could do it even if I had unlimited resources. Although, it would be neat to see some places. I always wondered how a nation of people that live on an island work, live and get along. I thought about this when I saw the Singapore New Futura project online. Sure, one might think it is just another dual tower condo project in an urbanized landscape, but I think it is so much more.

Singapore makes use of the space they have. I have seen a documentary about the country where they are actually dumping massive amounts of rocks and dirt into the ocean at their shoreline to add to the available land mass. They cannot annex Malaysia to the north, so they do the next best thing by adding to their land mass to the south at the ocean’s edge. A pretty bold, yet amazingly cool, idea if you ask me. A nation has rights to the waterways surrounding them. So, why not turn it into land? Still, the coolest thing I think Singapore does is with its buildings like the Singapore New Futura condo project.

Like the New Futura, the modern residential and mixed-use buildings in Singapore set aside large amounts of square footage in the buildings themselves to have natural spaces. You can get out of the elevator midway up one of the New Futura towers and be in a park with grass and trees and big swimming pools. Stuff you would normally expect to see only on the property grounds is built right into the structures themselves. Some buildings have these areas on the roof. Some, like the Singapore New Futura, have a building level much taller in height than the regular floors for these spaces. I have even seen one building that has an entire level that also juts out from the side of the building so its park-like space is exposed to the open sky midway up the building. Amazing stuff they are doing over there!