I Am over in Manila

I have been looking at one of our investments today and trying to figure out whether or not we should get out of it. We have been looking at promotion right now, how to do SEO in Philippines. It is not so easy since there are a number of languages at play over here and then there is all of the other ways to divide this place up. It is really a vast archipelago and there are vast numbers of different types of peoples. Worst of all you have a government led by an unstable person who seems to relish in creating chaos. The guy really rubs us the wrong way and it is quite obvious that you would never want to be on the wrong side of a person who is really bragging about all of the awful things that he has done. That is not a sound way to do your business and you want to have a government that really believes in the rule of law.

We are really looking for the way out of this area. It just does not make much sense to expose yourself to this sort of risk, but we obviously do not want to take a loss in the process. It really is quite a shame, since we spent years patiently building a very solid locally based operation which had grown profitable over time. It is still profitable, but we just do not intend to stay here under the current conditions. Of course we really think that this kind of harshness just breeds instability and it is going to end up being something pretty strange. What is really strange is to see our own president embrace such a person. Past presidents would never have stood and posed for photos with such disreputable men.