Time Away from My Passion

There’s nothing more I love than working in the outdoors, which is why I got a job in construction. The work is hard and the hours are long, but I find it satisfying to breathe the open air while listening to the sounds of the city. All of my years on the job finally caught up to me one day, when I pulled my back out while moving some equipment. I had to be taken to a chiropractor in Concord for an examination. I had a feeling that I would be out of work for a while.

I learned from the chiropractor that I would need to stay off of my job for two weeks while my back had a chance to heal. It was nothing that couldn’t be solved with some relaxation, but it came at the price of me not being able to work. I wasn’t even concerned about not being able to make money, because I had enough in savings to cover two weeks. The main problem for me was not being outside with my fellow workers doing what I loved the most in life. Every moment that I was sitting at home, I could only think about how I wanted to be at work.

I ate dinner with my coworkers a few times during my off time so we could chat. It wasn’t the same as talking with them on the job, but it was nice to see them, and I was thankful that they could hang out with me. After what seemed like an eternity sitting in purgatory, I was given a clean bill of health by the chiropractor and headed back to work the next day. When I came back, it was like I had never left. I hope to be working at my job even when I’m an old man.